Featured Rental Properties in Jackson TN.


JacksonPropertyGroup.com is the common site that represents a diversified group of companies.

:: Rental Properties more..
Locally owned and operated, JacksonPropertyGroup.com is a site dedicated to connecting people who are in need of superior housing with individuals or companies that have and operate rental properties.

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We own and operate single family homes and multi-family dwellings across Jackson, Tennessee, however we also provide rental property referral services to other local Lessors while providing Rental Property Management services. 

We primarily focus on the North and Mid-Town Jackson, TN areas; however, we have the resources to refer or manage property in any area of Jackson, TN.

:: Property Construction & Development services more..
In addition to managing and operating rental properties, we can provide construction and property development related services through W. Morphis Construction. W. Morphis Construction currently develops and constructs residential and multi-family dwellings with resources to handle light commercial properties. W. Morphis Construction can also provide renovation and build out services for residential or commercial applications.

We have a strong background in providing innovative yet cost effective solutions for your new construction and renovation needs.

:: Summary of Services:

  • Rental Property Leasing
  • Rental Property Referral services
  • Rental Property Management
  • Land Development services
  • Residential and light Commercial Construction
  • Renovations and Build-Outs
  • General Construction Consulting and Feasibility Analysis

We hope that you find JacksonPropertyGroup.com useful and look forward to providing you with our High Quality Rental Property services.